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Email marketing is very important for a business and it is used to build a customer relationship.

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Email marketing is very important for a business and it is used to build a customer relationship. We can use email marketing to promote products and services. Email marketing is important for a company or an individual contributor. Basically, we can say it is a medium of communication with customers and businessmen both.

Advantages of Email Marketing:

95% of marketer employees used email marketing.
Email marketing an inbound strategy.
Email marketing is extremely easy to set up a campaign.
Email marketing may be the first step to start up your business because it can provide help to engaging with your audience and give information.
How can you grow a business by E-mail Marketing:

With the help of email marketing, you can reach a global audience and promote your services and product.
Email marketing to grow your business takes less time.
According to Hubspot report around 70% of the audience check emails on a daily bases so, in my opinion, it can be helpful to grow your business.
Categories of Email Marketing:
There are two types of email marketing.

1 B2B Email Marketing process
2 B2C Email Marketing process

1.B2B Email Marketing:

B2B stands for Business to Business then it is for business purposes. B2B Email Marketing means generates more leads, promote brand and service towards your business.

2. B2C Email Marketing:

B2C stands for Business to customer. In B2C “Welcome Email” attracts customers who interesting in your product and service towards your product. B2C marketers getting success from blogs.
Email marketing to generate more revenue for your business. Email is a tool to communicate with your customers and promote brand and service. So, stop guessing about email marketing lets try once.

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